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Bitcoin is the future

Whether you look at Bitcoin as a currency or commodity, it is without a doubt becoming more popular with each day. This site will help you find some good ways to take part in the revolution.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital money. It works just like cash, but eliminating bank and government control, backed fully by the internet!

You can accept coins for free, send them with minimal fees, and there is no chargeback risk for merchants. The more people that use it, the better for everyone.

To buy bitcoins for cash, just select your location from the menu at the top.

Latest News

Wordpress and BTC


Wordpress have released great news: Bitcoin has become another way to pay for upgrades. Hopefully this means more BTC users and a better name for the currency in general.

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About BTC4Cash

BTC4Cash strives to be a helpful resource that people all over the world can use to buy Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin itself is about avoiding the banking system and its arbitrary and unfair policies, buying coins for cash has become the main focus of this site. We hope that in the near future, purchase of bitcoins will become as simple as buying sugar at your local store.